Our Sweet Haley

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Fox Tail

Our beautiful Haley had just turned 11 and presented some horrible medical issues.  We chose to let her go on Monday July 13th 2009 after the diagnosis.  I have owned and seen pass at least a half dozen dogs in my life, but Haley was so very different and anyone that met her knew it.  I was close to her unlike any other pet.  I lost one of my older brothers when I was a teenager to a car accident and this loss is the only loss I have gone through that is similar.  Losing Haley hurts more than I can express here. 

Haley's sweet disposition and fantastic personality were so very special.  She was only in my life for four years, but never failed to put a smile on my face in that time.  She always knew when I wasn't feeling well and made extra special efforts to be near and comfort me.  A true best friend.  She grew my heart and took a small piece with her when she left.  She will always put a smile on my face and remind me how good life can be.  Love you my sweet girl.

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